Before I die, I want to...visit the four corners

before I die..

bucket list: walk the red carpet.

DONE! March 2012

Before I die, I want to ...

Bucket List



Ride a double decker bus in London. Glad to have checked that off. ... Just wanna go again!!

Visit the Hershey's chocolate factory in Pennsylvania.

Bucket list

Check like a bazillion times. But the best part is that I sat on the back of a killer whale. Put THAT on your bucket list!!!

I rode in a gondola this summer and it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! The guy giving us the ride sang in italian and told us about gondolas and venice. This sould definitly be on your bucket list! Best. Trip. Ever!! Hope to go to Italy again sometime :)

Bucket List.

sit on top of the hollywood sign.

Bucket List.


Bucket List: Would like to visit