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No Joke: Polaroid Plans To Produce The Instagram Camera By 2014

Polaroid Plans To Produce The Instagram Camera. Looks very cool. I know a few friends that have to have this.

Smart product or what!? No more broken chords, and it looks cute too! There is also a fox and swan. Designer: Sumneeds

Gray is the new Black. Limited Edition Linea Headphones in Slate & Gunmetal available now

The Ear that is clear for all languages ...put it in your ear & this genius gadget translates to English or vice verse

This, I think would make a great graduation gift, going off to college gift or teen gift - a multi-headphone splitter. Perfect for the study group. $10

Composing made easy. Just write your music then the board will play it back for you! Wow that's awesome!

I can never relax when typing because my elbows hurt when I try and type laying down. I don't even have to buy this thing I can just suck tape a pillow to cardboard and BAM!!

Dual Music Player That Plays Your MP3 Collection & Your CDs » Yanko Design

Montre watch it: A watch wost it for your wrist! (by Doriane Favre)

Plug your phone into the egg, then take the ducky into the shower with you and listen to your music!