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The first pinner thought this was a Lab.they were half right, it's a crossbreed between a Lab and Golden Retriever. Ask me if you want to know anything about dogs!

Establishing a puppy’s eating routine can be exhausting! A regular schedule will help your dog w/ the potty training process. (via 9gag)

Eating is tiresome

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大好きなゴールデン・レトリバーと一緒なら、どこだって最高のベッドになるよ!:ぁゃιぃ(*゚ー゚)NEWS 2nd

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Awwwwwww. This lovely creature was dipped in cute...

I don't like most spaniels much but the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is just too cute.


Head tilt always gets me! ♥ I love goldens. Both my pups do this and its so hard not to just want to kiss on them.

awww who put him in there! hahaha

Robodog, engage

happy puppy!

i love shots from the dogs perspective but. hey hey hey lets take a pic. did they photo bomb me