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  • Javier Gamboa

    The Most Astounding Airships, Dirigibles and Zeppelins in History

  • Florian Mounie

    Sunset over the Atlantic finds a United Nations convoy moving peacefully towards it destination during World War II. A U.S. Navy blimp, hovering overhead, is on the lookout for any sign of enemy submarines, in June of 1943. (Library of Congress)

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Lamai McCartan print & pattern

【缶入り 嘉兵衛番茶(中川政七商店)】/奈良吉野で昔ながらの製法でつくり続けられる嘉兵衛番茶(ほうじ茶)。香り高くあっさりとした味わいです。嘉兵衛番茶がすっぽり入る長くて大きな中川政七商店オリジナルのブリキ缶入り。番茶の保存として、その他乾物の保存、パスタの保存など便利にお使いいただけます。贈りものとしてもサプライズなビッグ缶です。奈良吉野の嘉兵衛番茶は、天保の頃から独得の手法をもって製造されており、現在も受け継がれている伝統の味です。 #package

Photo by US Air Force

Happy Birthday to Chuck Yeager, the first man to break the Sound Barrier!

Emirates 747-400 taking off from rw2 at Schipol, Netherlands

International Space Station

A GR9 Harrier prepares to land onboard HMS Ark Royal in wet weather.

Exterior Learjet 40 xr by Stratos Jet Charters: Thanks to @Trey Philips Philips Philips Philips Philips Ratcliff ! #Photography #Learjet


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Awesome picture of a fighter pilot. Celebrate a great career in the US Air force with personalized custom Air force rings: #USAF #airforce #USMilitary www.military-ring...

F-22 Raptor

Special Air Services

Ship 30 GIB QE2, via Flickr.

B-36 over Nevada

XB70 Valkyrie -- beautiful -- I think they made 3 of these and crashed 2 of them. The remaining one is at the Air Force Museum in Ohio.

Jet flying through hanger with man on the ground


Red Arrows in awesome flight

P-38 Lightning. I think these planes are beautiful.

Ships anchored in the eternal ... Sunken and Obsolete ships ...

Air plane

BRITISH AIRCRAFT PILOTS hand dropped the first bombs until the introduction of the bomb rack on the fighters and the giant bombers.

Blue Angel - be still my heart!!! Best part of August!! Sure do miss seeing them here :-(