• Patricia Ubillus

    Nikki Farquharson's Mixed Media Girls - Nikki Farquharson is a 24 year old freelancer based in London, England. Her work includes a unique mixture of collage, photography, typography and bold color combinations and patterns.

  • Danielle Hitchcock

    Cool mixed media art - Nikki Farquharson

  • Justine

    poster idea

  • Ellis Park

    Mixed Media Girls’ by Nikki Farquharson These awesome photo and ink collages are the work of London-based graphic designer and illustrator, Nikki Farquharson.

  • Cassandra Lawson

    Contemporary fashion illustrations collage and pen visual inspiration

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Paper weaving wow - great idea - a bit beyond a whole class keeping track of their papers tho'!

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WOW! Give each student in the school 1/4 of a circle and then put them all together to make this mural!

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Radial design then cut into 4ths and glue to white paper. Cool! (Don Masse lesson)

Portrait created with many faces collaged together and then drawn with graphite pencil - Conway High School Art Project

Interesting idea for portrait project! Collaboration or a mix of direction instruction (portraits) and experimentation (working into color blotches to make surreal-like hair.