Have you pinned this image? Last week it appeared on the Pinterest homepage and was repinned of times.....without linking back to the source. Just a friendly reminder to PIN WITH CARE. Give credit where credit is due. thank you:) the-little-red-house

Life's simple pleasures | 1000 reasons to be happy and love life | Summer rain at a festival |

The pet fawn of Brad Curry of Galesburg, Michigan, watches him depart from home every morning on his schoolbus, 1960 (via Vintage Photos LJ)

This really makes me laugh...for the obvious and because I love love love big things...I think they are cute...how? why? I don't know the logic behind it, but I'll take a big dog over a little dog any day, or a big horse over a pony...just so much cuter!

Quem nunca brincou na chuva ? Não existe nada melhor que compartilhar momentos com amigos! Como um dia de chuva. Onde esquecemos as tristezas e problemas e deixamos as águas levarem um pouco do adulto que somos e nos permitimos tornamos crianças por alguns momentos

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