Get it? Because coffee has caffeine and caffeine starts with c so it's the othe vitamin c! 😂 oh what a great joke

I actually think I would rather drink it, but....... (aw) #Coffee #Addiction

Hot and black!

Coffee -M4U-

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Coffee ... black

Drink Good Coffee and Read Good Books

Water is the most essential element of life, because without water, you can't make coffee. #coffee #quotes

With enough coffee ... Quote print. Coffee poster. by LatteDesign

Anybody who knows me-knows THIS.

Hannes Beer Breakfast of Champions “How do you take your coffee?” “Black.” he said, “Always black.”

Oh Lord, this is me right now. I'm barely getting through classes right now. THANK YOU Starbucks for allowing all those other people who were not Megan Gentleman into your early, crowded, morning coffee line! UGH! Can't afford to be late to school but now I'm paying no coffee..


Not Until I've had My Morning Coffee <3 #quote #wall #art


The Other 'Vitamin' C

Truth lol

Cool Coffee Sayings | Coffee and Friends Make the Perfect Blend,

Drink Coffee - on my daily to do list so I can cross one thing off

Coffee quote

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