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Seeking Evidence.

Seeking Evidence.

911 dispatcher lol yup, difficulty breathing with.....um....*un key* swollen penis? Wtf? That was a real call.

911 dispatcher lol yup, difficulty breathing with.*un key* swollen penis? That was a real call.ummmm Yep that was me !

Police...I still have such a deep respect for all my police officer friends and family. I'm just not dating them anymore.

Police Give More Keepsake Box

So many officers have given their lives to serve the community. Unfortunately, our community forgets about the protection police offer and focus solely on the punishments.


It's kind of disgusting when they say that. Makes me wonder what they'll say when I start wearing the uniform and badge.


Good newsFound our run-away boy. For those of you that have been helping us pray and hunt for our guy - we r on our way to get him from Petaluma police. Yeah Savvy officers spotted him walking down the street!

police wife

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