Our juicy strawberries hand dipped in our Belgian milk or dark chocolate. #GODIVA

Celebrate Sweetest Day this Saturday with delicious GODIVA Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Each GODIVA strawberry is picked at the peak of ripeness and cloaked in rich Belgian milk, dark, or white chocolate.

Morango coberto com chocolate @ allrecipes.com.br - Elegante e fácil de fazer - essa receita é ótima para festas ou noites românticas.

Morango coberto com chocolate

Chocolate Covered Strawberries - Everyone loves chocolate-covered fruit, right? Make your own chocolate-covered strawberries simply and quickly with this recipe.


Sütinyalóka, mint esküvői köszönőajándék

Fresas con chocolate Godiva Bruselas

The Belgian chocolate candy that is produced today is still using the same recipe that was used by Spanish settlers in the Americas.

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