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Le Grindadrap, communément appelé le Grind, est une tradition des îles Féroé qui a pour but de ramener un groupe de dauphin, les globicéphales, vers une baie et les abattre. Cette tradition avait pour but de nourrir  l'archipel car elle est éloignée du reste du monde. Toutefois maintenant grâce...

Grinder - A Rhode Island Tradition #VisitRhodeIsland A must in Bristol R.I. is Riccotti"s on Gooding ave.

OAK ISLAND | ▶ The Money Pit at Oak Island, Nova Scotia - YouTube | Uploaded on Aug 10, 2011 | The Oak Island Money Pit is the site of the world's longest running hunt for lost treasure. For hundreds of years, treasure hunters have ventured here to recover the treasure lies in the Money Pit, protected by a series of ingenious traps. Strange man-made artefacts have been recovered from the pit over the years, but to this day, the treasure still remains buried.

M94 lies 15 million light-years distant in the northern constellation Canes Venatici. The brighter inner part of the face-on spiral galaxy is about 30,000 light-years across. A new multi-wavelength investigation has revealed previously undetected spiral arms sweeping across the outskirts of the galaxy's disk. Credit: R Jay Gabany.

~~The Artful Dodgers of Wrangel Island, arctic foxes steal as many as 40 snow goose eggs a day and cache them for their pups by Sergey Gorshkov~~

Ibizan Hound. Sight hound. Elegant and agile breed. Intelligent and engaging by nature. Highly trainable. Quiet and sensitive. Originating from Island of Eivissa. Traditionally used for rabbit hunting.