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Create a crossword puzzle for either the top 3 contestants or a general season 12 puzzle.

Photosynthesis Crossword Puzzle. The terms used in this puzzle are: adenosine triphosphate, cuticle, photosynthesis, glucose, chloroplast, adenosine diphosphate, palisade, thylakoids, stroma, water, photosystem, ribose, NAD, phosphate, NADPH, ATP, Calvin cycle, excited, PGA, Two, oxygen, roots, grana, chlorophyll, ATP synthase, temperature, stomata, xylem, phloem, carbon dioxide, water, carbon fixation, mesophyll, ADP, electrons, PGAL, reflected, guard cells, carbon dioxide, autotroph, ene...

The Trail of Tears Printable - Native American History (2nd-5th Grade) -

Cherokee Trail of Tears map; US History; Classical Conversations Cycle 3

The Trail of Tears

Trail of Tears. This is a very difficult one for me to teach :( i hope i could keep it together and not weep during teaching.

In the winter of 1838-39 tje Cherokee tribe was forced by the American Government to leave their homes on an expedition to relocate to the west, It is one of the worst humiliations our government has ever forced on a people. This was directly after gold was discovered in the northern part of Georgia.