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LIBRO: "BWITI. An Ethography of the Religious Imagination in Africa" James W. Fernandez. Profesor de Antropología y de Ciencias Sociales en el Colegio, se ha hecho una investigación etnográfica en África y actualmente está trabajando en el norte de España y el Atlántico Fringe Europa sobre el regionalismo, en los estilos de vida cambiantes (de agro-pastoreo a la minería de reindustrialización) y sobre los procesos de revitalización.

Africa | Minganji masquerader, near Gungu, DR Congo © Eliot Elisofon, 1951 | "Although the Minganji face masks make an appearance at a wide variety of occasions (such as the investiture ritual of a local chief, or the construction of a new chief's residence), their primary role is as guardian of the initiation encampement. The Minganji masks, other than the Gitenga mask, embody death, uncertainty, and darkness."

Africa | Portrait of manifestation of an Egun - a voodoo ancestor spirit in Sakete, Benin. West Africa. 2005. |©Toby Adamson/Axiom

Africa | Ghana king of the Mamprusi. Most Mamprusi live in their homeland, Mamprugu, an area of northeast Ghana. In the 18th century, the Mamprusi people organised forces to protect the trade in slaves. The Mamprusi have five chiefs under their king. | © Walter Callens

Textile Wrapper (20th century) from Ghana. Kente cloth of rayon, cotton. via the Heilbrunn timeline of Art History, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

Africa | An Egungun during the Voodoo ceremony in Benin. Voodoo is an official religion in Benin and means spirit or deity. It origin is from Benin, but is an indigenous organised religion of coastal West Africa, from Togo to Benin. "Although the west like to believe that voodoo is some sort of 'black magic' that is evil, in West Africa, the voodoo religion is one of respect and peace."