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Tattoo freestyle artist transforms woman's torso

Father defends decision to get picture of his son tattooed on his face

Christien Sechrist has no regrets about getting a large tattoo of his son's portrait on his face

Man has his EYEBALL tattooed at tattoo expo

This woman hitches up her jeans to show of the design on her left leg, pictured which includes a skull

Father gets DIY tattoo made with PRINTER INK during drunken party

Father-of-five left 'a social outcast and unable to get a job' after getting DIY facial tattoo using PRINTER INK while drunk

Glasgow-born teacher Andy McGinlay (centre) poses with cabin crew during one of his flights with Emirates. McGinlay has the luxury airline's logo tattooed on his arm.

Brazil hosts tattoo convention (and one man has both his EYES inked)

Totolinha, left, and Rato pose for a photo during Rio Tattoo Week in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

nice egg carton DIY #Anthropologie

Man jailed for role in tattooing a 40cm-long penis onto man's back

Tattoo artist jailed after inking penis on victim's back #DailyMail

Man reveals unsightly 'one foot' sausage on his inner thigh

America's worst tattoos #DailyMail

South Africans keep Mandela's memory alive with tattoos

South Africans keep Mandela's memory alive with tattoos