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IDG Connect – The IoT “time bomb” report: 49 security experts share their views

This report was proven right last Friday with the massive DDoS attack. Will this be a weak-up call for the IoT industry, or do we need even worse incidents?

Mirai diperkirakan telah menginfeksi jutaan perangkat IoT di seluruh dunia

Pelaku Serangan DDoS Dyn Gunakan Mirai Botnet | PT. Equityworld Futures Medan Menurut kepala penelitian keamanan Flashpoint, Allison Nixon, sebagian besar komponen yang terlibat dalam serangan ters…

Hey IoT, your head is in the Clouds – IoT For All

Some IoT applications are targeting Big Data number crunching applications, they will thrive on cloud based IoT platforms. Some need low latency and local processing, like a car that cannot wait for information from a cloud to push the break. So whether or not you should design your architecture for a central cloud or an edge computing "fog" architecture, depends on the needs of the application. But, security is fundamental in all these applications, and how you build it will also depend on…

Sensative launches Yggio – a technology-independent, open and secure platform and marketplace for property services

Open & Secure IoT platform with Object Security and End-to-End Payload Encryption by Apptimate.

Learn Basic Linux Commands with This Downloadable Cheat Sheet

Master the command line and you'll be able to perform powerful tasks with just a few keystrokes. This cheat sheet will help you remember helpful Linux commands, whether you're new to Linux or could just use a refresher.