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Steps (Linux Ubuntu) - 1) Showing vulnerable code. 2) Compiling program w/o stack protector. 3) Assigning it to root. 4) Enabling it to run as root. 5) Creating file w/ shellcode. 6) Placing shellcode w/ a NOP sled into an environment variable. 7) Disabling ASLR. 8) Making the program stack executable. 9) Using GDB to crash the program, confirm EIP overwrite & find the address of shellcode in memory. 10) Exploiting the program using address found in little-endian format, few bytes ahead…

Now’s a Great Time to Find Out If You’re a Hacking Victim

Now's a Great Time to Find Out If You're a Hacking Victim - Fortune

Python ransomware encrypts files with unique keys one at a time A newly discovered strain of ransomware uses a unique key for every file it encrypts.

No Hacking Tools III: using bash to brute force directories/files in DVWA (Damn Vulnerable Web App) and find a readable backup file ( that holds its database credentials.

–iC is face-tracking hexapod (six-legged) robot that can spot people's faces in a crowd, follow them around, interact with them and capture their image.