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.i remember these from grandmas house. now i don't know if this is what they should have been used for, but i remember that at the end of the night, she'd take them and wrap in old sheets and put them in the bed before i got in. wonderful against those very nicely argo starched sheets...i loved it then, can't imagine sleeping on starched sheets now...TLK (rePinned 093013TLK)

Antique cast-iron mangle, Walthamstow, London via Flickr.

1892 - 1910 Antique Newton's Heave Cough Distemper And Indigestion Cure Horse Remedy Tin Skeleton Death

Corn sheller with box. Grandpa had one of these and it sure would get the job done.

Antique 1890's Mrs Winslow's Soothing Syrup "Quack Medicine" Bottle by OtterCreekAntiques, $26.95

Antique Coke Machine 1950 's - I wasn't born until the 60s but these were still around then. You pulled a bottle out - no cans of soda back then.

Zeno Vending Machine: Late 1890's Zeno chewing gum vending machine, made in Chicago.

Antique meat grinder. This was a staple in our home. Nan & Mum both used it, and sometimes my Dad, did, too. Any lamb left over from Sunday's leg of lamb roast would be minced up on Monday, and made into a firm favorite - Shepherd's Pie. I got to help with the mincer quite a bit.

Old corn sheller...We actually had one similiar to this on Grandpa's farm...Used it to shell corn for many years.

antique heater/I replaced one of these in 96,we left it in the basement,it was a work of art,I wanted it bad but it was sooo heavy :)

Amazing antique high-chair with an opening for potty and the adjustable feet/height by L. Z., via Flickr