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.i remember these from grandmas house. now i don't know if this is what they should have been used for, but i remember that at the end of the night, she'd take them and wrap in old sheets and put them in the bed before i got in. wonderful against those very nicely argo starched sheets...i loved it then, can't imagine sleeping on starched sheets now...TLK (rePinned 093013TLK)

  • Melissa McGinness

    I have one. It is not painted though, idea!!?

  • Melinda Boeken

    They are irons. People ironed their clothes with these before electricity. They were heated on a woodburning stove.

Antique cast-iron mangle, Walthamstow, London via Flickr.

Antique Cast Iron 1903 A. H. Patch Black Hawk 909 Corn Sheller

Antique corn Sheller

Antique meat grinder. This was a staple in our home. Nan & Mum both used it, and sometimes my Dad, did, too. Any lamb left over from Sunday's leg of lamb roast would be minced up on Monday, and made into a firm favorite - Shepherd's Pie. I got to help with the mincer quite a bit.

  • Martha Luce

    and I got to pour the cranberries in for cranberry-orange relish. I loved hearing them pop!

  • Jillian Crider

    That would be exciting. Cranberrys were not an item on our menu in Australia when growing up. Just mainly mince (hamburger) and onion. But I was still fascinated by it.

  • Mary

    My mother used ours to grind up meat for goetta.

  • Jillian Crider

    Some great things came from this, for sure!

student desk -- would looove this for the boy's room.

antique heater/I replaced one of these in 96,we left it in the basement,it was a work of art,I wanted it bad but it was sooo heavy :)

  • Justin LaMarca ©™

    Very neat. I'd like that too but I don't think the wife would go for it.

  • Bill Egan

    It's an old water heater made out of cast iron with coiled copper tubing inside and a gas burner,wouldn't have been hard to replace the tubing,good for another 50 yrs :)

  • Justin LaMarca ©™

    Yeah, maybe so. Can't imagine it being nearly as efficient as something modern today or even one of those tankless water heaters.

  • Bill Egan

    These old water heaters and the old cast iron furnaces were assembled in the basements, a lot of them were in the basement before the floor was built do to there size, man how things have changed :)

Amazing antique high-chair with an opening for potty and the adjustable feet/height by L. Z., via Flickr