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Set your table in time-honoured positions. The classic “use cutlery from the outside-in” still holds, but I realised there’s a little more to it than that. And I learned what a charger is. Amalgamation of tips from the cookbook I use most, the Joy of Cooking.

The holistic notion of body, mind, heart, and spirit is a time - honoured one for First Nations peoples but is somewhat of a novelty in mainstream society. It is however, a framework that is becoming more accepted as an important way to view the health of humans.

Top five stops on a Nile cruise

Taking a cruise on the Nile is a time-honoured way to explore Egypt. For centuries, travellers have sailed stretches of the world’s longest river, finding the unexpected sights of river life every bit as thrilling as the tombs and temples on the schedule.

Yes, he cleaned up nicely not because I made him but because he wanted to be a better man for himself, for me, and for his family. I just helped him along the way, I showed him another way to live. He knows I'm worth it and I deserve a good man. So I didn't polish a piece of shit, I shined a diamond in the rough.

Take the guesswork out of this time-honoured tradition by following this simple recipe to making a traditional Donna Hay Christmas pudding.

Oeuf Yusupov Empereur Bleu du Nil - Faberge Egg Pendant - The egg is crafted in yellow gold, evoking the lavish gilt interiors of this vast palace, skillfully guilloché engraved, in time-honoured Fabergé tradition, and ornamented with a finely chased gold ornamental frieze in rococo mood, all highlighted with white diamonds. This piece is set in 18 carat yellow gold and features white round diamonds.