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land before time -- my cousin and I must've watched this VHS tape to the point of extinction ... oh! did you see what I did just there?? ;)

the land before time | Ducky was always my favorite! Yup yup yup

"Land Before Time." My dad likes to quote this scene and call me "Petrie" when he wants to embarrass me. Yeah, that's what I get for falling through a church ceiling during a game of "Sardines." That moment will haunt me forever.

one of my favorite movies

That was my favorite part through out the whole movie :) to funny!

Hahahaha yes I feel like I would be her if I went to one of these.....

I loved these movies! I still watch them every Halloween!!! And any day I feel like....

Link: "What '90s Girls Never Realized About "A Little Princess" I remember this movie but I had forgotten how devastatingly sad it was! As an adult I'm not sure I could watch it.

The Land Before Time /// 8 out of 10 /// Ok, I admit...I don't even remember this movie...but I DO remember LOVING it as a kid and getting the toys from Pizza Hut. Nostalgia always comes before quality!

Dad - I met a man in Rome and he is wonderful and brilliant and we are getting married.