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Pvt. K.A. McIntosh, Co. K, 6th Tenn. Infantry, C.S.A. WIA Shiloh 1862

Portrait of Pvt. Robert Patterson, Company D, 12th Tennessee Infantry, C.S.A., with derringer and bowie knife

Robert Dotson and Buffalo Bill Cody served in the Kansas infantry during the Civil War.

Pvt. Manuel Taylor, 108th U.S. Colored Infantry

Pvt. Henry Allen Moy Davis, Company G, "Columbia Guards" 6th Arkansas Infantry. Killed at Shiloh on April 7th.

Albert C. Harbaugh, Co. D, 6th Maryland Infantry. KIA at The Wilderness.


Confederate soldier Laurie M. Anderson (186-) Laurie M. Anderson of Tallahassee was a member of the Bradford Light Infantry, Co. A, Florida Battalion. He died in April 7, 1862, at the Battle of Shiloh. The 1st Florida Volunteer Infantry fought in the Battle of Shiloh, April 6-7, 1862.

Pvt. Paris P. Casey, Co. I, 19th Alabama Infantry. Died in hospital in April 1862 after the Battle of Shiloh.

Thomas C. Barbee 6th NC Infantry, Co. I

Pvt. John De La Rua Wright, 1st Florida Infantry - killed at Shiloh.

John Denny, Co. K, 14th Tennessee Infantry. His service record says that he was wounded on August 27, 1862 and he is "supposed dead."

Asa W. Hebbard, Co. E, 28th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment, wearing a frock coat with 1st sgt. chevrons and holding a model 1855 Hardee Hat with infantry bugle. This is a good example of the dress uniform of Union Infantry. His final rank was second lieutenant.

James Wheaton Converse. Starting the war as a sergeant in the Twenty-fourth Massachusetts Infantry, his courageous conduct in battle at New Bern. N.C., in 1862 was noted by superior officers, who discharged him to become an officer in the Forty-seventh Massachusetts Infantry. He survived the war, and died in 1876 at age 32.

Rebel officer infantry frock

1st Lt. Jeremiah Manasco, Company A, 22nd Alabama Infantry, wounded at Shiloh. He was mortally wounded at Shiloh on April 6th, a bullet shattered his left arm which necessitated amputation. He died on May 1st, 1862 and is buried in Townley, Walker County, Alabama.

Wounded Four Times in the Civil War |

Soldiers in camp, Autumn 1862

An Iowa Lieutenant Captured at Shiloh

Worn by Pvt. Jediah K. Burnham, who joined the Keystone Zouaves, Company A of the 76th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry in 1863.