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Pvt. K.A. McIntosh, Co. K, 6th Tenn. Infantry, C.S.A. WIA Shiloh 1862

Shiloh National Battlefield and Cemetery - Shiloh, Tennessee

Confederate soldiers thought to be of the 20th Tennessee Infantry taken at Rock Island prison sometime during the winter of 1863-1864

"President Abraham Lincoln meets with General George McClellan on the battlefield of Antietam in Maryland, 1862."

Civil War era Independence Day picnic, 1862

Here is carte-de-viste of the "Drummer Boy of Shiloh", Johnny Clem. He gained tremendous fame for his said heroic actions at the Battle of Shiloh. According to the legend, Clem was knocked unconscious when a piece of artillery shrapnel hit his drum. Disney produced a film called "Johnny Shiloh" to tell his story during the American Civil War.

1. This Civil War uniform was worn by the Union infantry. Mass-production of men's clothing began due to the Civil War and the use of machines to create the uniforms. {American Civil War - Union Infantry Uniform} www.historysimulation.com

(c. 1861-1865) Soldier in Confederate infantry uniform with musket and brass framed revolver.

General Pierre G.T. Beauregard, CSA State: Louisiana Highest Rank Attained: General Principal Commands: Confederate Forces in Charleston, Confederate Forces in Virginia, Army of Tennessee, Coastal defenses in Georgia and South Carolina, Defense of Richmond, Department of the West Principal Battles: Fort Sumter (1861), First Bull Run (1861), Shiloh (1862), Corinth (1862), Attacks on Charleston (1863/4), Bermuda Hundred Campaign (1864), Petersburg (1864)

John Clem aka "Johnny Shiloh" - American Civil War - the youngest noncommissioned officer in Army history. #history

Private Samuel T. Cowley of Co. A, 2nd Virginia Infantry Regiment LOC

Edmund Ruffin, ardent supporter of states rights, proponent of Secession and fierce Yankee hater. Ruffins credited with firing the first shot of the Civil War. He fired the first cannon shot at Ft. Sumter in the early morning hours of April 12, 1861...and the Civil War was officially underway.

Young Confederate Soldier

Portrait of Confederate soldier Washington Mackey Ives from the 4th Florida Infantry in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Private Jacob F. Lown, Co. H, 4th Texas Infantry Regiment, Hood's Texas Brigade Lown enlisted at Grimes County (Anderson?) on Match 14, 1862. He was wounded in the battle of Gaines Mill, June 27, 1862. He was captured near Knoxville in late 1863. He died at the U.S. Military General Hospital at Louisville on January 18, 1863.

Unidentified Confederate Soldier in Co. H "the Caswell Boys" 6th North Carolina Infantry

Unidentified soldier in Confederate infantry uniform with musket and Bowie knife (1861-1865)

Private Peter Lauck Kurtz of Company A, 5th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Pvt. James William Sarver, Company K, 2nd Tennessee Infantry (Walker Legion) - Confederates killed and wounded at Shiloh - Gallery - Shiloh Discussion Group

Pvt Thomas Holman, Company C, 13th Tennessee Infantry - Confederates killed and wounded at Shiloh - Gallery - Shiloh Discussion Group

John Lorimer Worden (1818 - 1897), U.S. admiral in the American Civil War ... commanded the Monitor against the Confederate vessel Virginia (originally known as the Merrimack) in first battle of ironclad ships in 1862.