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Badass Blacked out MotorBike, I do like big bikes like these except for the deafening sound they make, can't stand that noise, too fuckin loud

I was lucky enough to ride some early bikes, much harder than I thought it'd be with the gear lever on the left and hand operated.

Trimuph. I wish I would have bought that one a few months ago. Nice Bikes

motorcycle Simple and pure, kicks overwrought any day of the week

This modified eye chart is more representational than accurate, but, for the most part, it gets the point across. Designed by Salt Lake City-based creative director Gary Sume, this poster for the Utah Highway Safety office advises drivers to watch out for motorcycles.

Jacquie and the bobber by Garrett Meyers, via Flickr BOOKSTORE

Eu gosto muito dessa combinaçã e mulher.....! ....é, gosto mesmo!

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motorcycles. I love you.. but you scare me. And I don't like to be scared, so i hate that I still love you.

Get-a-way. - Motorcycle Parts, Accessories and Gear!

Couple of good rear ends in this shot.....and by the way i often see women riding bikes in high heels.