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Matthias Sempach, being crowned as ''Schwingerköning'' 2013. Schwingen is a Swiss national wrestling festival. Photo, adapted to Pinterest by

Laamb Senegalese wrestling (fr. Lutte sénégalaise, Wolof Laamb) is a type of Folk wrestling traditional to Senegal and parts of The Gambia, and is part of a larger West African form of traditional wrestling

Turnips carved into laterns for the turnip festival in Rictherswil Switzerland

Pankration - From Greece: meaning "all powerfull" - a mixed martial art of ancient Greece that was first introduced into the Olympic Games in 648 B.C., at the 33rd Olympiad. The art was founded as a blend of boxing and wrestling but with almost no rules save disallowing biting and gouging the opponent's eyes out. The term comes from the Greek παγκράτιον [paŋkrátion], literally meaning "all powers" from πᾶν (pan-) "all" + κράτος (kratos) "strength, power".

Switzerland is the first country where winter sports were developed on a large scale