DR Who paper Snowflake CUTTING PATTERNS, Adipose, Weeping Angel and "Are you my MUMMY?" scroll down about half way

Time to repin these again! More Doctor Who snowflake patterns, designs modified by me from http://laurelgarver.blogspot.com/2010/12/friday-fun-day.html

How to Doctor Who Snowflakes.

Printable Dr Who paper snowflake patterns

Weeping Angels

Doctor Who Trick or Treat - what!!!! Is that Doctor and Rose as Flynn and Rapunzel? And the trick or treaters are 11 and a weeping Angel.

Thank you to who ever made this amazing pic! I have always thought of dr who when I heard this song, but could you make one for number ten and rose?

How to make your own eight point Doctor Who paper snowflake

Waste barbie dolls, but this is a creative one just in time for Halloween !

Doctor Who

This is awesome

Are you my mummy?

Weeping Angel Cat.

doctor who quotes | Doctor Who ~ Weeping Angels | Humor & Quotes

Weeping angels

Doctor Who coloring pages!!! I could be productive...or I could color. What kind of choice is that?

Inspiration for weeping angels

Doctor Who Paper Crafts - just print, fold and you have some cute items. Includes 11 Doctors, Dalek, Weeping Angel etc.

Yep. Stone Angels are the scariest in my opinion. I remember once my mom dragged me to one of those outdoor stone statue places and there was an angel THAT LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE A WEEPING ANGEL I KID YOU NOT and I almost had a panic attack.

Which Notorious "Doctor Who" Villain Are You I got Weeping Angels

I love the original AND this!