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  • Liam Grindley

    Belakwa NY - Town abandoned after fracking destroyed the aquifer. That this is a fake sign is *NOT* the point. It won't be fake for long!

  • Craig James
    Craig James • 1 year ago

    I can't believe that people gravitate to the fact that this sign is fictional. You are missing the point ... we are supposed to be intelligent creatures ... why would we need to wait for worst case scenarios to manifest before we recognize a threat to our very existence. I guess we're not so smart after all!

  • Becky Lund & Associates

    This is really a fake sign.

  • Maggie Henry
    Maggie Henry • 1 year ago

    It could be posted in Dimock, PA or out in Wyoming or in the Woodlands of Butler, PA OR Dish, Texas_ or _ or _ fill in the blanks there are plenty of non fictional places!

  • sarajane snyder
    sarajane snyder • 1 year ago

    help 5 young protestors jailed last week for blocking access to a drilling pad located on public forest land. they need our support! http://marcellusshaleearthf...

  • Maggie Henry
    Maggie Henry • 1 year ago

    They do need help! 4 out of 5 are out but because one still has his Oh college Id the bonds mans would deal and the judge refused to lower the bail. I think we need to investigate the judges in this and the Vera Scroggins case for ties/investments in oil and gas. Do we still live in America? Where was I when it turned into this police state? I was at that camp and these kids are wonderful! Please help us get them out!

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