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Is it just me, or does this picture remind you of Frodo yelling "Gandalf!" when the Balrog got the wizard???

LOL Funny Animals of the hour PM PST Wednesday, February – 10 pics <<This is the face I make when someone hugs me period.

" GOOD Morning Thursday BOARD.... May I always watch you while you take that extra few hours? "



Funny pictures about Cat + Water = Happiness? Oh, and cool pics about Cat + Water = Happiness? Also, Cat + Water = Happiness?

How could you ever say no to that face?!?

Look into my eyes.you are thinking you should give the cat a snack.a tuna fish snack.

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Knitting Assistant calls it a day - My cat likes to be on my lap when I knit with the yarn around his paws.


my kitties love changing things on my computer. Once they switched the display to negative colour and i couldn't figure out how to change it back so I stopped using that computer for a few months!


Kitty and Guinea piggie pals-I wish my kitties would not see the guinea pig as food. I love guinea pigs so much. They make great pets, that I did have before the kitties.