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Pink silk, pink lips || Eleanor Calder

Pink silk, pink lips || Eleanor Calder

I love Eleanor!! She's so amazing! I mean even with all the hate she gets she still keeps dating Louis! Now that's proof it's real!>>>I SERIOUSLY WAS THERE WERE SOME OF THOSE PICTURES WERE TAKEN

Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson. >>>I miss them soo much! If Louis is dating Danielle now then alright they look cute I will support it, but Elounor is my never sinking ship!

OMG that's sooo sweet!!!!!                        Louis Tomlinson+Eleanor Calder=PERFECT COUPLE!!!!!

awwwww they are PERFECT together :) People who hate Elounor should be ashamed. Louis and Eleanor love each other! If you hate Elounor and send hate to her then you are no better than a hater who hates and no better than a Directionator

aww cute!!!

Eleanor at Louis's mums wedding being the maid of honour and louis the best man