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  • Allison Gentz

    Because I have a little girl and am hair doing challenged lol!!

  • Jill Davis

    How To French Braid.... Also Has Links For "How Too's" On Other Braid Types....

  • Kathryn Lee

    Braiding tutorials for all types of braids! Simple, easy pictures for beginners.

  • Rosalee Salansky

    How to braid, all different kinds of braids. Easy pictures... gonna have to hold on to this pin,

  • Jenny Okoli

    Easy picture guides for all sorts of braiding, this is helpful if you're stupid like me and can't braid hair

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1. Part your hair down the middle / 2. Make two pigtail braids and secure with an elastic / 3.Take one pigtail and bring to the oposite side, use a bobby pin to secure. / 4. Do the same on the other side, I used four bobby pins to hold the braids in place / 5. Tuck in the ends so they don’t show. // Your finished! // *pull out strands to frame your face before hand!

the key is to only pull hair from the top. Just like a French braid, just start on the side and only feed hair from top, not the bottom **LOVE whoever put these awesome instructions with it

♥ love everything about this photo. The Hair, dress, the library. :)

take the two pieces behind the larger section of hair and criss-cross them. Add a small section to each piece so they remain long and wrap a...

Hair Tutorial // Simple French Roll It says "simple" but I guess I need to try yet again to get it right...

It looks easy...really pretty even though her hair down looks gorgeous on it's own:)

"Oh velocity girl Can I though your hand Can I move it here Don't you understand?" -Snow Patrol

Alex tried this Game of Thrones Braids tutorial: | This Is What Happens When Real Women Try Pinterest Hair Tutorials