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Dandelions are not a useless weed! Learn to respect the humble dandelion in prepping: http://happypreppers.com/dandelion.html

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Cayenne can save a life: Spice up your preps with cayenne pepper. When you read this, you may want to put the cayenne pepper in your medicine cabinet in addition to your spice rack! http://happypreppers.com/cayenne.html

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WARNING SIGNS OF SEPSIS (and how to prevent it): This is one of those diseases which needs to be on your radar, prepper! More people die of Sepsis than of cancer in the United States. Just one cut, scrape or burn could cause this deadly blood poisoning that rarely gets attention when it should. Any infection can cause it and it's responsible for more than half of all hospital deaths. This unusual prepping article is about Sepsis. http://happypreppers.com/sepsis.html

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THE MEASLES ~ it's BACK! As Minnesota deals with the spotty problem by seeking $5 million to deal with the outbreak, preppers can take action now. You can stock one important Vitamin to significantly reduce your risk or severity of illness. Learn How to prepare for the Measles. http://happypreppers.com/measles.html

What a prepper needs to know about measles

Looking for FOODS with the BEST SHELF LIFE? Here's our popular list of the best in long term food storage to stock your prepper's pantry: http://happypreppers.com/shelf-life.html

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...and ASSEMBLE A SPILL CLEANUP KIT. When the vomit hits the fan and all over the carpet, here's what to do... http://happypreppers.com/vomit.html

Prepper's guide on how to clean up vomit. Create a vomit and bodily fluid spill clean up kit to prepare for a pandemic or everyday emergency.

HOW PREPPERS CAN AVOID SCURVY: http://happypreppers.com/Scurvy.html

Learn how preppers can prevent scurvy in survival times by planting, foraging, stockpiling and knowing how to treat scurvy.

Here are ten reasons NOT to drink the TAP WATER (and why preppers should filter their everyday water): http://happypreppers.com/tapwater.html  #preppertalk

Don't drink tap water and here's why. Here are 10 reasons not to drink tap water.

Analgesics: Prepper Pain Relief

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Temporary dental kits (how to use them)… http://happypreppers.com/temporary-dental.html

Temporary dental kits (how to use them)…