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Paul Walker, yes please! [Not sure why he was on the Pets page, but I couldnt look and not repin :)]

Fast And Furious 7; The new Brian O'connor (Cody Walker)

RIP, Paul Walker and his friend that passed with him in the accident. Paul Walker was such a great actor, and I know he must've been a great companion to those who personally knew him. You will truly be missed.

Robbin Thicke

15 Motivos para salir con un cantante

Robin Thicke's new [unrated] music video "Blurred Lines" has caused quite a stir on top of just having lots of clear boob shots. The unrated "Blurred Lines" video features mainly nude models [in flesh-toned g-strings], mild

im in love

So i didnt know THIS was Tom Hardy. everyone swoons over Tom Hardy, so i was never interested in finding out who it actually was. But this guy , i like his stuff, ive seen his acting and its pretty good in my book. So i guess i like Tom Hardy too .


Cristiano Ronaldo has arrived in Zurich for the Ballon d'Or ceremony!