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As my little way of celebrating Benedict Cumberbatch's birthday today, I decided to do another Sherlock painting this morning!


The train of thought as you watch the fist Sherlock episode "A Study in Pink"

Benedict Cumberbatch

This face reminds me of Eddie Izzard for some odd reason. In fact, pilot Sherlock in general does. Can't put my finger on it.

God, he is beautiful.

"You look sad when you know he can't see you." Sherlock Holmes betrayed his brother, drugged his parents, killed a man, and almost got himself killed, all for the happiness of John Watson.

Benedict Cumberbatch.

The outrageous fortune of Benedict Cumberbatch

The outrageous fortune of Benedict Cumberbatch Five years ago, Sherlock propelled him into the stratosphere. Now he’s photobombing the Oscars and selling out Hamlet a year in advance. Friends and co-stars reveal why the world is wild for Benedict

For Peach, cause I know she loves him!

52 Things You Never Knew About Benedict Cumberbatch

52 Things You Never Knew About Benedict Cumberbabe. For the inner Stalker/Cumberbitch in all of us.

BEST. BIRTHDAY.EVER.  Uhm just a dream will do tonight though. ;)

10 Reasons why Benedict Cumberbatch is the best man on the planet. He is like one of the best actors.


Much Younger Photo of Ben With Reddish-Brown Hair Wearing Brown Patterned Sweater

Always start with a riding crop. Now I have that whimsical Sherlock music in my head!