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    • Konzeptschmied Werbeagentur

      Caribú bitter chocolate —The dark side of sweetness

    • Transformation Marketing

      A little girl grinding a baby chick doesn't make you hungry for chocolate? I guess this company should've known before they put out this ad! See more ads gone bad at our blog!

    • Clarissa P.

      Caribu chocolate depicts a true dark side to sweetness as an adorable little girl seemingly grinds up an equally adorable yellow canary.

    • Tamara Lane

      Creepy ad for some chocolate bar

    • Anthony Lauw

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    Kitty looks positively pissed... I would too if someone asked me to lay against hard rocks... ♥

    Sorry, but I don't think so...


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    Huh. Well I'll be a monkey's uncle.

    Car's got balls...

    so wrong... this should make the dirtiest martini you've ever had...

    Back when Coca Cola had more coca than cola....

    I know Pinteresters are into makeup... here you go. From "Worst Album Covers of All Time"

    From "Worst Album Covers of All Time"... can you tell why?

    Wonder how it is to drive this into the sun...

    Why don't all cats have eyebrows such as these? #loveit

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    my nanny, the pitbull

    Remember Love's Baby Soft? Um, and how inappropriate is this ad???

    Some people should not be allowed online... or behind a camera, or holding a baby, or posing for a picture... or whatever it would take to erase this from history.

    "You better stop your whining or I'm going to turn that Biddy Baby into a coat rack!"

    I think this is a fantastic picture at the same time I don't get it. Her shoes are too big, her hair color doesn't work for her, there's a toilet in the background and she's holding a teddybear... Kate Moss, circa 1990-91 Photographer: Kate Garner

    That's just cruel...

    Let's promote laziness! >XBox Controller-Mounted Hot Pocket Dispenser

    Oh crap dude. I forgot my guitar and grabbed my kid instead. - People do the craziest things to get kids and pets' pictures to go viral... and I guess it works...

    Guinness-record certified tallest cat, Trouble, is a mix of domestic cat and African serval

    humans are cruel...

    Exhaustive (and sexist) explanation of personal care and daily habits of cleanliness, demonstrating how to keep the skin, hair, nails, and teeth clean and healthy. Partially filmed at Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.