Winter Sun Cocktail - Clementine, lemon and vodka. Bring it.

The Indian Summer: Vodka or Gun, Elderflower, Lemon Juice, Fresh Pressed Grapefruit Juice.

cucumber-rosemary gin & tonics

The Best Margarita Recipe! #CincodeMayo #Margaritas #Mexican #Cocktails

Coconut Lavender Lemonade | 24 Deliciously Simple Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Cucumber-lime vodka cooler


Frenchy: 1 1/2 oz Pear Vodka 3 oz Pineapple Juice 1 oz Cranberry Juice

Rosemary Gin Fizz: 3 one-inch sprigs of fresh rosemary, 1 small lemon, juiced, 1/2 teaspoon honey, 1 1/2 oz gin, 3 oz club soda. | In a small drinking glass, muddle the fresh rosemary, lemon juice and honey. Fill the glass with ice, then pour in the gin and top with club soda. Give it a little swirl with a spoon.


Holiday Drink...Freeze coffee as ice cubes and toss in a cup of Baileys and Vanilla Vodka

Vanilla, Pear, and Vodka Cocktail

Cucumber Lemon Drop - Picnic Style // HonestlyYUM

Rudolphs Tipsy Spritzer - Orange juice, Sprite, Vodka, Maraschino Cherry Juice, Lemon Juice

margarita recipe : Tequila based cocktail : Margarita triple sec-better yet make it a cadillac margarita.

Bulldog Margarita 2 oz. (60ml) Tequila 1 oz. (30ml)Triple Sec 3 oz. (90ml) Lime Juice 2 oz. (60ml) Fresh Orange Juice Salt

Orange Splash: citrus vodka, triple sec, orange juice and lime juice

Clementine Cocktail: 2 ounces vodka 2 ounces fresh-squeezed clementine juice, peels reserved 1 ounce simple syrup Clementine segments, for garnish

The Cayman Lemonade! Delicious, but dangerous as well…considering it tastes exactly like lemonade but there is not one ounce of actual lemonade in the drink! Enjoy! 1 oz Vodka 1 oz Triple Sec 1 oz Peach Schnapps, Cranberry juice, Club Soda. Mix vodka, triple sec and peach schnapps in a shaker. Pour over ice, add a squeeze of lime and a splash of cranberry juice and club soda. Stir and enjoy!!"

Winter Sea Breeze Holiday Cocktail Recipe

watermelon jolly rancher = best drink ever (made with Vodka, watermelon pucker, melon liqueur, triple sec, and a splash of lemon-lime soda)