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Bunny siblings Violet and Simon happily learn about Passover as they help their family prepare for the seder. The items on the seder plate take on meaning for the pair, and the relatives share their favorite aspects of the holiday.

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Passover: A Joyous Exploration

Passover: A Joyous Exploration A Passover supplement filled with interesting holiday facts, recipes, songs and thoughts for you to ponder. A great addition to any family’s Passover.

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15 DIY Passover Seder Plates Your Kids Will Love To Make

Get your kids involved in Passover with these awesome Seder plate crafts


Color the Passover Seder Plate

Worksheets: Color the Passover Seder Plate

Learn about why some people put an orange on their seder plate, and other modern additions. Six Parts of the Seder Plate Beitzah: The Roasted Egg is symbolic of the festival sacrifice made

As a confederate family prepares for Passover the day after the Civil War has ended, a Yankee arrives on their doorstep and is invited to their seder.

Seder plate we made with stones we painted to represent the Passover meal

Family and friends arrive to visit and take part in a family’s Passover celebration. The Four Questions are asked, foods on the seder plate are sampled, and there’s a hunt for the afikomen.