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Paila Marina

Chilean Food

Chilean Pancakes (Panqueques)

Papas Duquesas recipes are a fun treat. The Chilean Potato Puffs are great for a snack or hearty appetizer.

Ensalada Chilena (Chilean Salad with Tomatoes and Onions)

pastel de choclo- This is one of my favorite foods...Chilean cuisine is soooo yummy!

Budín de Atún. Recetas Chilenas saludables

Chilean Tortilla (Similar to Spanish Tortilla) at 183 calories a serving

Chicken with Sweet Peas (Pollo Arvejado-CHILE)

Chilean Sweet Treats. Desde Chile con amor

Recipe for "Turrón de Vino," a sweet red wine mousse, common in Chile.


Que Que (Chilean Coffee Cake) from Food.com: This is a low, dense coffee cake, with a hint of citrus. I recommend using the lemon extract vs the vanilla called for in the recipe. My cake tends to fall in the center as some of the posters have mentioned. I tried baking in a 9x9 pan and it helped, but still sank a little. If anyone has suggestions, I love to hear them as this really is a delicious coffee cake --Brenda.

Chilean Cuchuflis with Homemade Dulce De Leche-Manjar (7)

Chilean Sandwich. Desde Chile con amor

HALLULLAS | CHILEAN RECIPES - prounounced ah-you-ya.

Pan Amasado! There is just something wonderfully tasty about Chilean bread (it probably has something to do with the high fat content), I love this stuff!!!

CHILEAN RICE: long grain rice, butter, scallion or onion, bell peppers, carrots, chicken or veg broth, salt, cilantro

Chilean Ceviche recipe


Chilean Bread - Desde Chile con amor