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How It's Made Season 4 Episode 01 Part 2 - YouTube

Gilmore Girls 6.01 “The New and Improved Lorelai Gilmore”

Luke & Lorelai: "Gilmore Girls" One of my most favorite shows. Wish it was still on.

The Magicians - Sophisticated, magical, fantastical, sexy grown up Harry Potter meets Narnia... Loved reading it and loving the TV series.

My lil cinnamon roll Sherlock smiling at his godchild

One of my favorite things about WtNV is that it's fun and scary and irreverent, but then out of no where they say something so beautiful and truth-laden that it literally stops me I'm my tracks. - Welcome to Night Vale Episode 37

Sherlock and Rosie. Sherlock S04 E01 "The Six Thatchers". Season 4.