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The name "Nibiru" is derived from the works of the ancient astronaut writer Zecharia Sitchin and his interpretations of Babylonian and Sumerian mythology. Th...

**WE ALL NEED TO KNOW THIS! WORLD CHANGING EVENT!** Watch and share this everywhere! They are starting to disclose the incoming Planet X! Planet X - Nibiru has now been uncovered on Google Sky!

Notice the size of our guy on top. And the two suns. Yes....two. Planet Nibiru and our sun appearing together. Cataclysm was near. Magnetics when passing our planet would be the end of most people. This planet...aka planet X is on its way back from its 3600 year orbit out to space. NASA has blacked out the cam where Niburu mini consolation is located. They can't have a panic when the poles are about to shift. Stock pile time.