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Katie Lyon has great ideas about how to use the Movenote app within our classrooms, clinics and in our homes

Movenote is a great tool for finger spelling!

Movenote - video presentation creator

A quick, but detailed reference on how teachers and students can use Google Drive (Docs) in the classroom. Lots of photos and step by step instructions.

Technology NETS I Can Statements. Help your students speak the vocabulary of the 21st century classroom with these I Can Statements. Sets for the classroom teacher and sets for the computer lab specialist. $

Get (and keep) your classroom organized with these trendy, cool classroom labels! No clip art on them, just a great font, cool colors and great taste. These are great for all ages because there is no "cute" clip art on them so you are free to use them in a primary classroom or middle and secondary school classroom.

Literature Activities for ANY Novel or Story: 100+ Handouts

Literature Activities for ANY Novel or Story: 100+ Handouts - Includes popular Facebook Character Sketch, Creative Activities for any novel or story, Character Tags, Reading Log bookmarks, 25+ Book report ideas, eBay Symbolism/Vocabulary activity, Vocabulary Scattergories activity, Game Board activitySymbolism with Silly Bands, and more! (priced)