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Gail Summerford. Bakersfield, CA. Our library was established in memory of 2 tireless advocates for children - Mary Ann Albanes and Wendy Wayne ( by 3 retiring child development center managers who thought it would be the perfect place to donate dozens of books collected over their combined 115 years in early care and education. It was built by Gail's dad and it is in the courtyard of the Bakersfield College Child Development Center.

Laura Baldwin. Fort Ann, NY. My dad built this outhouse, and when he passed away in 2007, we moved it on our property, where it's been used it ever since to sell eggs... self-serve! I had an empty cabinet in the outhouse too, and decided to use that as a Little Library! Our road leads to hiking trails, horse trails and access to east side of Lake George, and in summertime it is well-traveled with hikers and campers, many who purchase my eggs. Now they'll have another reason to stop by!

Lynn Toerge. Pittsburgh, PA. A longtime friend and neighbor, Daryl, died at the young age of 63. She was an avid reader. Creating a Little Free Library in her memory and placing it in our neighborhood park seemed the perfect way to honor her and continue her love of sharing books. Her friend Diana Baier asked her husband Tom to build the library with the assistance of Diana, Lynn Toerge and Mark Honess.

Holly Lamb. Howell, MI. Funding for our Little Free Library was provided when the Friends of the Howell Carnegie Library received the Metro Detroit Book and Author Society’s Dick Johnston’s award. This partnership allows us to extend our Family Place Library resources to parents using the services at MI Works! and Mott Community College.

Karen Brunner. Hudson, WI. I am an academic librarian and grew up with a mom who would drop everything to take me to the library. Now my husband and I are doing our best to instill a love of books and libraries in our two young daughters. A big thank you to my dad for making me such a wonderful library!

Ashley Nuesmeyer. Galloway, OH. For years I've loved Little Free Libraries and always wanted one. A friend designed and built my very own Bluth's Original Frozen Banana Stand inspired by the TV show Arrested Development. Those who know the show can appreciate the design and quotes written on the chalkboard. I don't really have a strong theme for the Library contents. Mostly it makes me happy and that's what matters in life.


Forgetting yourself in a book…

So perfect. We regularly get so wrapped up in books that we forget where we are...

Nancy Smith. Old Town, ME. My mother passed away five years ago and we had been thinking about how we could best honor her memory. She was an avid reader. We started the library with books that we had recently read and enjoyed. It has been open just over a week and seems to have developed a dedicated following here at the lake. We have witnessed both "summer people" and year round residents taking advantage of the Little Free Library.

Jennine Duda. Minneapolis, MN. I've been enamored of these little libraries since I first learned of them. For my birthday last year, my husband built me one of my very own, utilizing the discarded basement windows from a neighbor's renovation. It. Is. AWESOME! My mother was a librarian and would be very proud of the variety of media we stock... books (naturally), but also videos, CDs, vinyl, magazines. This library is the gift that will keep on giving for years to come!

Phyllis Gorshe. Dunedin, FL. This Little Free Library was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Dunedin. It was decorated by the staff and teens at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center.

Little Free Library. MISSOURI, Kansas City #4943 For more information on the Little Free Library Project:

Matt Kouba. Thousand Oaks, CA. This Library was built in 2012 and WAS a traveling went to Burning Man twice! The Library found its forever home in October 2014 at the Hillcrest Center for the Arts. It sits in the patio and provides for people waiting for classes to start, or the theater to open or during a break from play practice. Please sign this log book, write a verse, a note to others, a dedication or draw a doodle. Be Good!