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Gail Summerford. Bakersfield, CA. Our library was established in memory of 2 tireless advocates for children - Mary Ann Albanes and Wendy Wayne ( by 3 retiring child development center managers who thought it would be the perfect place to donate dozens of books collected over their combined 115 years in early care and education. It was built by Gail's dad and it is in the courtyard of the Bakersfield College Child Development Center.

Laura Faherty. Cincinnati, OH. We created this library in memory of my mother Elizabeth Ann Kendrick. She was an amazing woman and sadly she committed suicide last year. She loved to read, loved her book club and loved to share books. So we designed a library to look like our house and share books just as she did. We are adding her book club's pick each month so she can continue to share and our four children are adding their favorites too. We want to make our community better like she did.

Donald and Keren LaCourse. Shoreline, WA. We were inspired by Kerens parents and grandmothers, who were all avid readers and inspired others to do the same. I built both libraries using 95% reused and recycled materials. The library on the right was such a big success in our area I was encouraged to build as second "Children's Books" library. We have met so many wonderful neighbors with this great experience and we strongly encourage others to build these community gifts.

Laura Clement. Douglas Harbor, NB, Canada. We are a community of big readers and there are several small groups who exchange books amongst themselves. My niece Jill, who is a voracious reader, told me about seeing these little libraries alongside the road. After viewing the LFL website, I became enchanted with the whole idea. After three months of engaging volunteers and donations of wonderful books, Douglas Harbour has its very own little library. We are thrilled with the results.

Will Roberts. Sturgeon Bay, WI. We opened with a generous donation of children's books from a neighbor. We also had a local author provide us with copies of his work. Today both kids and adults come to use our library.

Takaki Ishimaru. Nagasaki, Kyushu, Japan. When I first heard about the idea of the Little Free Library, I wondered why it hadn't already been incorporated in Japan. As you are aware, Japan is one of the safest countries in the world, and Nagasaki is one of its most laid-back, peaceful areas. With a many manga books loved by young children, I hope it becomes a space that everyone in the area can stop by casually.

Sherry Cartmill. Pleasant Hill, CA. WWII veteran Les Schiller built it from left over redwood fencing and other scavenged parts. Danny Cartmill put on the roof, Stan U'Ren dug the post holes and set it up. Neighbors Cliff and Gerrie Chappell donated books, along with project developer Sherry Cartmill. The books a are mixture of non -fiction, mysteries, older best selling titles, children's stories, books we have enjoyed and want to share. We are thrilled to be part of this wonderful…

Cheryl Bennerotte. Woodbury, MN. After 33 years of childcare in my home and a personal collection of over 1000 children's books I decided this was a perfect way to share my love of reading.

Denise Johnson. Springfield, MO. My father read to me every night when I was a child and every holiday he made sure there was at least one book as a gift. When others were watching television, I was quietly there, book in hand. 'Tis still the case. This library is in memory of the man who instilled in me a love for the written word.