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  • Annette High

    Monkey Faced Orchid!!! Dracula simia 'Racha' 2863, via Flickr.

  • Ayushi Agarwal

    Flower that looks like a monkey in South America

  • Janie

    The Monkey Orchid Dracula Simia. It's quite strange when I hear there is interest in the form of a monkey's face, but this is the reality. Imagine, orchid flower is shaped like the original monkey face. Even in a variety of colors of orchids, everything looks like a monkey's face. Monkey orchid is usually hidden in the altitude of nearly 2,000 meters in the woods southeast Peru and Ecuador. Scientific name of this flower is Simia Dracula, Dracula means little dragon as it looks, there are two long spurs on the flowers that resemble a dragon. While Simia is a term that describes when this flower resembles a monkey. Monkey orchid can only be grown in the shade and the weather cold areas. That's why not many people who can take care of him and we are definitely quite foreign to hear monkey orchid. The people who first saw memikirnya sure that this has to do with the mystical, but it is unclear whether the face resembles a monkey just coincidence or mystical. The area is quite difficult temukannya, about 1000-2000 meters altitude on the mountain, but thanks to an intrepid collector curious, he can get the monkey orchid photographs this clearly.

  • Mariana Kupsick-Ruff

    These have to be called monkey flowers