Steve and Ellie Peck. Bremerton, WA. We want to change the face of this neighborhood and lift up our community! With the new park across the street and lots of pedestrian traffic this is a great place for Bremerton's 1st Little Free Library. Steve built this library and did a phenomenal job with every detail. From roofing to weather stripping our library is rock solid and Designed to last! This was his birthday present to his wife Ellie and she is thrilled to have this in her front yard.

Front Yard Little Free Library. This is so cute and I would absolutely do this in a neighborhood full of kids!!

A Little Free Library in your front yard - what a fabulous idea!!! Living With Kids: Amity Courtois

Jen Reardon. Batavia, NY. I have loved books and reading my whole life. I found out about and decided to have my friend's dad, a custom woodworker, build a library box for me. He did a beautiful job and I added the colorful paint combination. It's been a hit in the neighborhood since I opened it and I've had so many positive comments from neighbors and strangers alike! It's a great way for a community to come together.

Elizabeth Maltby. New Orleans, LA. I asked my husband to help our boys make me one for Mother's Day. They did a wonderful job making it! The plexi roof even protects the door a bit and lets in some light from the streetlight above. Before the project was actually finished my father passed away of cancer. He was a huge reader and would have loved to have books so readily available in his neighborhood. This library is officially dedicated to Allan Robert Engle.

The Free Little Library by Stereotank encourages people to (quite literally) pop their head in, pick out a book or leave one behind. With small windows in and out, it remains semi-private without feeling claustrophobic in the face of its small volume.

Snoqualmie Falls Deep Freeze, Washington

Build a classic Little Free Library with blueprints and instructions provided on the Little Free Library website:

Joyce Graham. Clearfield, PN. This Little Free Library has been very well received in the neighborhood. I have been telling everybody that I run into about it! Yesterday at a yard sale I mentioned my LFL to a woman and she gave me all of the books that she had out for sale. She said that she would gladly support anybody that is promoting literacy and community. This has been a wonderful experience. I hope to make this a success. Thank you so much for the inspiration and for the support!

Little Free Library on Cambridge Street.

Little Free Library

The Little Free Library

Little Free Library

Cleveland Neighborhood of Oklahoma City, OK. Cleveland Neighborhood’s Little Free Library is finally installed at its resting place on the Venice Boulevard median near N.W. 28th street. Our Little Free Library was designed and well built by architect Amy Butler and Lauren Shelton of Miles Associates of Oklahoma City. They did an excellent job mirroring Cleveland’s deco-style entrance sign in their design and that is what makes it so special! It’s a piece of art on the parkway!

Bremerton, Washington


DAY TRIP! Bremerton, Washington

Washington Street - Seattle, Washington

Mariann Brush. Columbus, OH. I first became aware of the Little Free Library concept when a close friend of mine posted a picture of his wife with their newly installed Little Free Library. I fell in love with the idea. I love to construct things, so I started constructing my own Little Free Library. The neighborhood loves the idea. I'm glad to share our love of books. And I love the idea of bringing our community together one book at a time!

Alan Hacker. San Jose, CA. This Little Free Library is located in front of the main office of Bay Maples: Wild California Gardens. Community, sustainability and preservation are the cornerstones of our business model. Our Little Free Library features a green roof with native plants. Freshly stocked with gardening books, DVD's and some magazines!

the little free library