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#WiFi has become a very popular amenity to offer as many #travelers access the internet for work, leisure, and information while they spend time with us. Each destination in the Highway West Vacations portfolio offers complimentary Wi-Fi but there are a number of obstacles that cause Wi-Fi signals to become spotty and cause frustration for the user:

If you are a full time RVer or plan on #camping or traveling during #Halloween this year, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still show your spooky spirit! Check out these suggestions for decking out your #RV for the holiday:

If you are looking for that last burst of inspiration before you plan your #summer trip, take a look at a few of our recent Real Vacation Stories! If you are planning to stay at one of our vacations destinations, you can count on a unique #vacation experience traveling along the Highway West:

How do you like to ‪#‎camp‬? In a ‪#‎cottage‬, under a ‪#‎tent‬, inside a vintage ‪#‎airstream‬ or maybe in the comfort of your own ‪#‎RV‬? Whatever your accommodation preference, our Highway West Vacations destinations have it all! Make sure you plan time this May to be in the ‪#‎outdoors‬ and experience your next great ‪#‎adventure‬!

Two of the things that cross our mind when planning a camping vacation for our family is “what are we going to eat?” and “how can I keep the kids entertained during the trip?”. You can answer both questions by using a few of the kid-friendly camping recipes from Community Table: #campingrecipes

Borrego Springs

We are pleased to announce that we have recently added Borrego Valley Inn to our growing family of vacation destinations! A serene boutique resort in the heart of Borrego Springs, California, this inn offers an experience unlike any other Highway West location. Welcome to the Highway West Vacations family!

The #waterfront ‪Highway West Vacations‬ destination of Oceanside RV Park has a variety of adventures nearby set amongst the area’s diverse ‪#‎landscape‬ and wildlife including ‪#‎hiking‬ trails such as the one-of-a-kind Oregon Coast Trail. If you love adventure, you have to check it out for yourself:

It has often been said that spending money on experiences can make us feel more fulfilled than buying material objects. We may feel richer on payday but the real world benefits of #traveling not only include making you feel happier but can help you become more successful in your career and beyond. #benefitsontravel

Looking for a special Valentine's weekend getaway? Palm Canyon Hotel & RV Resort in Borrego Springs has the perfect accommodations, entertainment and fare to really spoil your #valentine! Call to learn more information about the great specials and book your reservation today! Check out our other Highway West Vacations #RV resorts by visiting!

At Highway West Vacations, comfort & ‪#‎convenience‬ are the name of the game. One of the difficulties campers can run into during their trip is balancing the stress of meal planning with the carefree ‪#‎nature‬ that ‪#‎camping‬ provides. That is why we wanted to take the time to share some easy and inexpensive meal ideas, courtesy of #HappyMoneySaver: