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Ohma - the inofficial chief of the Himba Village This is Ohma. She is probably about 79 years old. She belongs to the Himba people, one of the last semi-nomadic tribes in Africa. She was the wife of the chief and is still the unofficial authority in the village although her son has taken over a while ago. But nothing happens withouth Ohma being ok with it...! Kaovoveld, in the North of Namibia, Africa (Photo by EaglElla)

Henk Bothof COLOUR OF SILENCE The Suri tribe of the southwest of Ethiopia. Photographed in januari, 2007. This tribe is known for there body painting and their use of cley.The different colours and lines give a beautifull portrait while the natural colour of cley makes them as frozen sculptures.

Africa | Surma men seen from behind. For them their bodies are like a canvas on which to paint. Ethiopia | Just one of the many fantastic photographs included in the publication 'Painted Bodies: African Body Painting, Tattoos and Scarification' by Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher ~ Release date Sept 18th 2012. { }