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  • Jane Spencer

    Forbidden Planet (1956) Poster I have seen this movie - recently discovered that a lot of people have not even heard of "Forbidden Planet." This movie is responsible for the science fiction genre becoming so popular. Without this movie we would not have films like "The Matrix" and "Star Wars."

  • Jinaveve Ling

    Forbidden Planet (1956) - I need to see some of these! I want to have a vintage sci fi movie night lol

  • Christopher Derrick

    So there's a dividing line in #sci-fi #films - pre-Star Wars and post-Star Wars (yes, 2001 came before, but I didn't see it until I was out of college... wasn't going to waste my time seeing it on video initially). FORBIDDEN PLANET quickly became my favorite pre-Star Wars sci-fi when I saw it in junior high... The Krell... one of the most pregnant concepts in all of #scifi

  • Blooloop

    #forbiddenplanet #shakespeare #tempest

  • Mark Humphries

    Forbidden Planet - Classic Sci Fi Movie Poster

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