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Finding Neverland


Nathalie Jomard - Thanks to my dear Pin-friend Ashaley Lenora for this cute pin.

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Rainy Day by James Davies, via Behance My brother and I used to make paper boats and float them along the curb when it rained. Sometimes we would pile up little pebbles and make a dam so we had a pool of water. Wonderful days of childhood!

Bannecker_RoylMail.jpg people

Bannecker_RoylMail.jpg people

I LOVE It!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

Today we celebrate Mother Earth a reminder that we are the guardians of this great planet. Did you know the clothing manufacturing industry plays a huge role in the negative impacts to our environment? Since starting my business over 7 yrs ago I've util

Edward knew his life depended on Jekyll drinking that blessed little vial every time his perfect little life got too hard. If he could just make Jekyll's existence a little harder, a little more intolerable, Jekyll would depend more and more on the potion, and that would give Edward time...precious time to  gain control forever.

A linoleum print, featuring one of my favorite set of character dichotomies, Dr. Henry Jekyll and Mr. Jekyll and Hyde

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Kai Fine Art is an art website, shows painting and illustration works all over the world.

Currently Inspired By : — Love in Color

Currently Inspired By :

I am obsessed with these paintings by Brooklyn-based artist Monica Ramos, they’re so fresh and full of life they make me want to go jump in a pool and sip on margaritas ’til kingdo…