• Paint a stretched canvas from an art-supply store in your desired color. • Plot out your design in pencil on the back, keeping dots a half-inch apart. • Gently press an awl through each dot in your design to make a hole slightly smaller than the diameter of the bulb. • Press a bulb into each hole; secure each with craft clue.


Three-panel, dandelion wall art that lights up!

stargazer lights

Glitter and Lights CanvasGlitter and Lights Canvas

DIY Canvas Rocky "Rocking Birds" on Real Branches! Easy to make and when you "prep" the canvas and branches with Waterproof PVE (wood) glue, you can leave it outside too! :-) You need: a Canvas, some nice Rocks, some branches, a permanent marker/sharpie or steady paint hand :-) I added some music notes too, just a extra birdy touch! :-D

apply wooden letters on canvas and spray paint.

diy lit tree canvas

#So cute!!

Light up canvas art - just stickers, paint and lights

Beautiful Butterfly Wall Decoration | DIY Crafts Tutorials

stick decals onto canvases, paint the whole thing and then remove the stickers to reveal the wonderful artwork! (literally so simple anyone could do it & it looks amazing!!)

simple canvas painting ideas | Canvas DIY How to Paint a Chevron Canvas How to Stencil a Canvas Easy ...

Ping Pong Ball Lights-Cut an X in each ping pong ball, and stick christmas lights into each ball. This is awesome.

Diy photo canvas

Create a magnetic Scrabble board and have an ongoing game with someone you live with. | 39 Easy DIY Ways To Create Art For Your Walls

DIY artwork using scrapbook paper and a canvas

Strands of white lights in a wine bottle make for a classic display. Strip the labels off of three bottles and use battery powered LED lights to avoid having to cut into the glass.

Elmers glue on canvas. Then paint the whole thing one color. Beautiful! (would be cute with animals in a nursery on little canvases - matching dif colors in the nursery)

wooden letters glued to canvas and painted "ATLOCK 4th October 1997"

Transfer a photo to a canvas!