ha please!

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Dear Fairy Godmother, Think you could bippity-boppity-boo me back to 17 years old and that awesome body I thought was fat? Thanks.

So true!!

I don't really need anymore in my boobs though. Maybe some can go to my butt as long as it ends up looking like J-Lo's :)

all morning.

My mad fat diary. https://blogbypaul.wordpress.com/2014/11/26/to-be-continued/


This is your warning. I will be THAT pissed-off, anti-Valentine's Day person again this year.

LMAO! Story of my life!

But seriously

What do you mean America has an obesity problem?

Yep. So me!

It's a shame, those selfish people. Man I could use some fat taken out. I just can't seem to get loose of some people.

Everyday I wish this!

Dear Fat...


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