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That’s a very serious offense…


from NoWayGirl

When She Catch You Talking In Church

Busted!!! Ohhhh I seen this face on some of y'all mamas!!!! Lol

from BuzzFeed

What You Think You Look Like Vs. What You Actually Look Like

What I look like when I run... Every time I see this I laugh... So true

from BuzzFeed

A Day In The Life Of People Who Hate People

… And there’s still never enough time to count them all. | A Day In The Life Of People Who Hate People


The only thing twilight has ever taught

Bella, mean girls


I do this when no one is around…



I’m always here…

Some people. ..

Hahah lol I do this literally ALL THE TIME! And if I'm not staring directly at someone then I'm either staring at a wall or the ground

from BuzzFeed

26 Poses Every Single Person Will Immediately Recognize

Funny memes that are so true!!!! The “Shower’s Too Hot” Pose:

I don't #always #pass #slow #drivers but when I do I check to see if they #look as #stupid as they #drive #LetsGetWordy