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    doTerra oils for sleep apnea To order doTerra essential oils:

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    Home Remedies For Sleep Apnea - Natural Treatments & Cure For Sleep Apnea | Find Home Remedy/// show mom this

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    What is obstructive #sleepapnea? It occurs when the tongue is sucked against the back of the throat. This blocks the upper airway and airflow stops. When the #oxygen level in the brain becomes low enough, the sleeper partially awakens, the obstruction in the throat clears, and the flow of air starts again, usually with a loud gasp. #snoring

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    Sleep Apnea cure

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    Young Living Essential Oils: Sleep Apnea ~ 10 Citrus Fresh, 10 Ylang Ylang, 10 Frankincense, 30 carrier oil. Use 4-6 drops massaged into neck at bedtime. not intended to diagnose or treat, personal testimony.

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Sleep disturbances can contribute to health issues or obstruct the healing process. Make an appointment at NIHA to get treated for a sleep appliance, continuous positive airway pressure therapy, or help with lifestyle changes. (202) 237-7000

Some good info here, but don't forget the children can also have sleep apnoea (often misdiagnosed as ADHD). Children don't always snore either and rather than show signs of tiredness can be hyperactive.

Helpful essential oil conversions. Learn how to get started with essential oil at www.theoildropper...

Essential Oils from Head to Toe - just remember do NOT ingest oils w/o supervision of a certified aromatherapist (which is not a sales rep!)

Wikipedia answers what Sleep apnea is.

Www. Young living distributor #2085943

Obstructive Sleep Apnea. All these really make me want to push to get in to see the doctor about this. >< I have a decent amount of these issues, more than what makes me comfortable anyways.

In one 7-hour period of sleep, a person with obstructive sleep apnea can have as many as 420 apneas. This infographic from a dentist in Portland shows the risks associated with sleep apnea and suggests some treatments. Source: www.portlandsleep...