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  • Danielle LaCasse

    Literally me reading the Hunger Games trilogy.

  • Elizabeth Linger

    seriously. Not so much a nerd girl problem but a book worm problem.

  • Rita Rico

    I wish this didn't say nerd girl problem. I feel like this problem is bigger than being a nerd. IT'S BIGGER, I SAY!!! It's the story of my life.

  • Caprice Lorenzen

    Nerd girl problem so true!!

  • Suzette Wunsche

    Nerd Girl Problem #386 ... When you finish a book in a day, and have to wait a year for the sequel #reading #books #nerds #nerdgirls

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story of my life. I hate when real life interferes with reading!

Having to wait to discuss a book with a friend when you finished it in a day, and they're not finished after a week.

Absolutely. This is why I have a porch. And a giant comfy reading chair in my room.