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First ad in High Times magazine. #ObamaApproved #SpryProdigy #710 #highsociety

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Prodigy from SPRY, a convenient, all-in-one, wireless vapor rig that gets rid of the torches and cumbersome attachments. With its rechargeable, battery-powered nail, this sort of new technology allows medical patients and recreational consumers to consume cannabis concentrates in a safe manner that minimizes exposure to the risks traditionally associated with dabbing.

#BernardBastable Too Many Notes, Mr Mozart - Mr Mozart was a German child prodigy who stayed on in England after his visit of 1764, cursing the luck that made him a despised hack in a foreign country, instead of being cherished and honoured in his native Austria. Then he found himself involved, willy-nilly, in the sordid business of George IV’s divorce from Queen Caroline. Now, in 1830, with Wolfgang Gottlieb (he prefers the German form of his name) Mozart still remarkably spry for his age

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