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Study: Young brains physically affected by stress Surely by now everyone is aware of the effects that stress can have on the health and minds of young people. Already there are common physical symptoms associated with sleep, ranging from high blood pressure to insomnia. New research from Stanford University, however, suggests that extreme stress imposes different effects on the young brains depending on whether the child in question is male or female.

Homeschooling continues to grow The number of children in the US being homeschooled has doubled since 1999, with almost two million kids now getting their education from home. The US Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) released the numbers in a recent report, which also found a great deal of diversity in the homeschooling community.

Daring ideas for school reform: School reform has been hotly debated in K-12 education circles for some years now. Mostly, however, the resulting efforts have focused on structure, for instance funding charter schools and reining in tenure, or on student performance, as in the case of increased standardized testing and the introduction of Common Core..

Questions to ask at a job interview When applying for any sort of job whether a part-time job, a summer job or even just an internship, it’s standard practice to prepare to answer questions. But in truth, it can really help your prospects by asking the interviewer your own questions. You are allowed to ask questions, after all, and turning the tables a little bit can help raise your stature. Here are some sample questions that might help.

Bullying: A Historical Case: We tend to think of bullying as a modern phenomenon, a product of public schools and the Internet. Bullying, however, has deep roots that go back to the dawn of civilization....

Preparing your child for a future career Every parent wants their child to be successful in life: to succeed academically, socially, spiritually, in every way possible. Included in that list is the desire of every parent to be rest assured of their child’s ability to get a good job and be financially stable for the rest of their life

Advice for de-stressing a teen Growing up has never been easy. Teens have been experiencing stress for generations, but these days, we have data that gives us a clearer picture of what’s going on among today’s teens, in part thanks to a recent study by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto, Canada.The study offered some interesting observations.

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For Grammar Geeks: A Visual Map of the 15 Punctuation Marks

  Here's an useful chart that summarises, very simply, how to use 15 punctuation marks, ordered by difficulty. This was created by Curtis Newbold who runs a blog called The Visual Communication Guy. Nice work, sir. Download the hi-res version here.